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Enterprise Vision:Be an Expert in Air Heat Recovery

Enterprise Purpose:Quality-oriented Technology-Leading

Enterprise Spirit:Honesty Business, Efficient Implementation, Scientific Management and Continuous Innovation

Enterprise Mission: With the concept of "health, energy conservation and innovation", we are devoting ourselves to create a green, environment-friendly and intelligent living environment for our customers.

Jiangsu Jienengyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sale of air environment products. Guided by independent research and development and absorption of foreign advanced technology, combined with the resources of many colleges, adhering to the road of professional development, we are focusing on the field of heat recovery. We have successively developed and manufactured a series of products, such as roof air conditioning units, runner heat exchangers, heat pipe heat exchangers, total heat exchangers, energy recovery unit, swimming pool heat pump constant-temperature dehumidification air conditioning unit and electronic purifiers, and so on.

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Add:Room 308, 23 Block 49 Bancang Street, Xuanwu District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
Fax:025-85545069   Email:[email protected]    蘇ICP備17017958號

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